An image showcasing the website I designed for Write-On Stationery.

Write-On Stationery

Collaboraters: Pixel Army

My Contribution: Web & Mobile Design


Write-On provides a very unique service. It targets parents with little time to purchase children's school stationery through its website, with the added convenience of having it prepared and delivered by the first day of school. Write-On's original website was built by Pixel Army, but after nearly a decade of use, it had started to look and feel old. The original website was never designed with smartphones in mind and was hardly responsive. Their new website would maintain most of the original UX, adjusting their store for smartphones, and adding a more modern feel to the website.

The Biggest Challenge

The primary challenge revolved around adapting the specially designed store layout for optimal mobile user experience. Ensuring seamless navigation and functionality on various mobile devices required innovative design solutions, adapting similar solutions seen in apps. This kept the original store structure while being optimized for smaller screens.

My Favourite Part

The headers feature a different child every time the page is reloaded. While this was a feature adapted from the original design, this is not a feature I have seen on very many other websites.