An image showcasing the website of South Edmonton Common I designed.

South Edmonton Common

Collaboraters: Pixel Army

My Contribution: Web & Mobile Design


South Edmonton Common is a retail park for quality brands located along Gateway Boulevard in Edmonton, Alberta. One of South Edmonton Common's developers approached Pixel Army about creating a new website with a more chic, modern, and luxurious feel to it. The developers wanted their new website to target two different audiences: shoppers looking for information regarding stores, sales, and other news related to SEC, and developers looking for leasing information on lots in SEC. To achieve this on the new website, I specially designed a business directory which lists every business in the park, a leasing map for developers to find out lot info, a promotion and news module to allow customers to keep up-to-date with information regarding SEC, and a contact page to help both audiences reach the correct authority to help them.

The Biggest Challenge

The largest concern for design of the new website was the directory and leasing map, as both required recreating a map of South Edmonton Common which must remain dynamically editable. A new map must be user-friendly for customers, but easy to edit for the website admin, as businesses moved in and out of the complex. After weighing the options, myself and the Pixel Army team ultimatley decided to use Google Maps for displaying the store locations. Most website users are already familiar Google Maps, and we set up a system for the website admins which allowed them to create pins on the map which they could assign businesses to. Using this method meant we were not only able to keep the new website intuitive and user-friendly, but also kept it underbudget and on-time.

My Favourite Part

The slidey boxes that move with your mouse cursor. Because of issues with performance, this feature only exists on desktop, but I would strongly encourage users to view the South Edmonton Common website on a computer screen and move your cursor side-to-side.