An image showcasing the website I designed for Shelter Pulse.

Shelter Pulse

Collaboraters: Pixel Army

My Contribution: Web & Mobile Design


The Shelter Pulse initiative is an online library of resources available for violence against women shelters. Their goal is to standardize policies between shelters, as it can be jarring for women to go between different shelters with different policies in place, especially in a time of great need. The new website would enable shelter administrators to efficiently share and access essential resources, all behind a secure login system.

The Biggest Challenge

While not necessarily a challenge, one of the key factors in designing this website was keeping the design simple, readable, calming, and non-intrusive. As this database would often be used by those in times of high stress, I had to make certain that the design within the elements showed users that this was a trustworthy and safe source of information.

My Favourite Part

The subtle movement of dots when scrolling on the website.