An image showcasing the website of the Edmonton Public School Board Foundation I designed.

Edmonton Public School Board Foundation

Collaboraters: Pixel Army

My Contribution: Web & Mobile Design


The EPSB Foundation, the charity foundation of the Edmonton Public School Board, helps increase the well-being of disadvantaged children inside and outside of schools that government funding does not cover. The objective of the new website was to enhance the user experience for potential contributors by providing streamlined donation processes, offering organization news updates, showcasing staff members, and expressing gratitude to partners for their support.

The Biggest Challenge

The foremost design challenge involved crafting a specialized user experience to ease the process of donating. After extensive research of best practices and consulting with in-house team members, I created an equally useful and eye-catching design for the donation system.

My Favourite Part

I have two favourite parts about this website:

  1. On the "About" page, when hovering over the link boxes on a desktop view, their heart logo "peeks" out from behind the boxes.
  2. The "Our Team" page, hovering over team members' photos reveals their school photos as children.