An image showcasing the website I designed for the Edmonton Community Development Company.

Edmonton Community Development Company

Collaboraters: Pixel Army

My Contribution: Web & Mobile Design


The Edmonton Community Development Company (ECDC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing derelict homes in older neighborhoods. Faced with challenges in maintaining their original website, ECDC approached Pixel Army to develop a new online platform. The primary objective was to create an easily updatable portfolio, providing a streamlined way to showcase their community development projects and demonstrate the positive impact of ECDC's efforts.

The Biggest Challenge

A notable design challenge emerged from the asymmetry of the ECDC logo. While at a small scale with no relative frames of reference, this was not an issue. However, once scaled up, the inconsistencies and asymmetry become apparent. After a quick discussion with the client, the logo was tweaked to be more symmetrical for larger versions, while the original is still used for the smaller icons.

My Favourite Part

Upon hovering over a project or portfolio piece, a small green polygon peeks out from behind it.